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Our foundation Mares were selected over the years for their superb quality, top pedigrees, and sport ability. In breeding we believe everything starts with the quality of the mare.

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Tjalbert X Feike (Arabella Ster + Sport) 2019

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Looking for your next FEI ride?
If you are looking for an in utero purchase please contact us… we have many top quality mares to choose from.

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Why our horses are the best.

Camelot Farms a beautiful, 170 acre farm located in West Knoxville among the beautiful rolling hills of East Tennessee. Camelot is dedicated to providing the best training and breeding programs for high quality sport horses in many different disciplines. We are a small breeder who cares about the quality of our offspring; and quality all starts with the mare. We currently have four Friesian mare lines and two warmblood lines that show a huge potential for the sport of dressage. By meticulous matching of dam and sire, all of our foals are bred for a purpose in today’s competition world. Sending our horses out into the world prepared for any discipline, assures us that we have done all we can to give that horse and owner a wonderful life together. So let us know how we can help provide you with your perfect equine partner.

News & Events

  • Meet Hiro fan Camelot! (6/7/2018) - Just Born at 2AM June 7, 2018! Hiro (pronounced Hee Row) is by the impressive Hessel Sport, World Champion Friesian Stallion, and out of our STAR mare Arabella fan Camelot Ster + Sport! If you are looking for the whole package, beauty, temperament, presence, talent, and heart! This is your guy! Enough talent for the professional to go all […]
  • Meet Oolala! Rubi AR X Flicka (AHHA) (4/11/2018) - Meet Oolala Born March 29th 2018! This little girl is super sweet with a trot that floats! She is sired by Rubi AR who is the leading Lusitano Stallion in dressage right now and also puts on those great temperaments. Her dam is a beautiful AHHA (Holsteiner) who is very modern and tall. Looking forward […]
  • Breeding Success! (7/24/2017) - So excited to announce that we will be having 2 fantastic foals in 2018! We actually had a good breeding year; the past few years have been pretty hard for breeding. We lucked out and got 2 embryos with only 2 breedings! We will be having a Hessel X Feike Friesian foal out of our […]
There are no upcoming events at this time.