In Memory


August 8, 1988 – June 2, 2013

Trilogy was quite the athlete; through hunters, jumpers, and even foxhunting she was always a trustworthy mount. She would jump anything in her way. A fighter for sure, you wouldn’t be left behind riding her she was always at the front of the pack… and deserved it. Trilogy truly traveled through all phases of life with me. Without her I wouldn’t be the person and rider I am today. A true lifetime companion… may we meet again in greener pastures.

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Jetty Fan Bonnie View
June 26, 1995 – May 8, 2010

1st pre STER / Lukas X Reitse Pref
As the star of Camelot, she would always be the first to let you know she was around. Jetty would tell you when she was out of hay or when it was dinner time in a hurry. She would always stand in front of the tack room and demand oatmeal cookies. The beauty and sweet disposition on this mare is unbelievable. It is the personality of this lovely mare that brought us to love the amazing Friesian; She would keep you entertained all day! A special mare both inside and out and she will forever be in our hearts. Jetty gave 9 beautiful healthy foals throughout her lifetime and we have 4 of them at our barn still. Titus, her gelding looking and acting the most like her, will always remind me of this incredible mare.

All of Jetty’s foals, Titus (Teade 2006), Zillan fan Camelot (Nanning 2007), and Arabella fan Camelot (Feike 2008) received 2nd premie at their Keurings. Ykson fan Bonnie View (Yk 1999) is training 3rd and 4th level dressage, and Nanne fan Bonnie View (Wicher 2004) has been training for dressage at Proud Meadows. Nanne’s instructor is confident that he is a Grand Prix candidate.

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Jetty fan Bonnie View Ster

Magic Twist

Magic Twist aka “Oliver”
May 13, 1996 – February 16, 2010

Lakeshore Magic Man X Sister Sarah
Magic Twist, otherwise known as “Oliver”, “The Black”, and “Big Boy”. This black Percheron/Trakehner 17.3 hand registered Warmblood was definitely Mr. Personality at Camelot. We always found the barn cat asleep on his back in return for a few back scratches throughout the day. Magic Twist was out of Sister Sarah a Trakehner/Thoroughbred mare and by Magic Man a Percheron Stallion from Robin Nest Farm in Winchester, KY. He was a wonderful fox hunter, as well as a cross country horse, and did a little dressage, Magic Twist always brought joy and humor to every discipline he encountered.

Thermo Investment
May 17, 1986 – February 11, 2010

Thermo Sock’s Too X Lot a Leo
He was the star athlete on the polo field. Thermo was always described as what we call “push button”, he literally knew how to follow the ball. Really, as long as you could hang on he would play and win the game for you. Thermo was a liver chestnut American Quarter Horse who has proven himself over and over again for his amazing ability to put himself in all the right positions on the polo field. This horse was smarter then your average polo player.



Bonnie Blue

Our beloved blue Weimaraner who will forever be in our hearts.

Gone but not forgotten.