A keuring is an inspection for Dutch Friesians that they attend at different ages throughout their life. There are many different titles that can be awarded at the keuring. When a foal is born, they will normally attend a keuring to get a rating of either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or no premie. First premie is the best and is only given to the top 10% of foals that year. At 3 years of age the Friesian can go up for ster, only the top 3 year olds will make ster; however, you can repeat your Friesian for ster once a year at the annual keuring. During these inspections your foal will follow mom around the area to show off their movement or your 3 year old will be shown in hand by either a provided runner (which I recommend) or by yourself. Each horse is shown in a white halter or bridle to show off their beautiful black color. You should dress in all white to show your Friesian out of respect for the judges.

To learn more about the keurings please visit the FHANA site.

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