Ganda Ster

Congrats to Rachel in TN!

Foaled: April 19, 2002

Sire: Teunis 332 Pref

Dam: Marieanna F.

Dam Sire: Oege 267 Pref

Stam Line: Stam 83

Breeding: Ster X Ster + Pref*11 X Ster X Model (full back to 1940)

Height: 165cm

Approved by: FHANA, KFPS, designated Ster

Ganda 2014

Havana fan G.G.

Born: 2010

Sire: Jerke 434

Approved by: KFPS, FHANA

Awards: First Premie Ster Res Champion Mare 2014 / Now owned by Beth at Blessing Hill Friesians


Born: April 11, 2011

Sire: Uldrik 457 Sport

Approved by: FHANA, KFPS

Awards: 2nd Pre, Res. Champ filly, & Ster Champion Mare and Champion of the Day 2015

Vega fan Camelot

Born: June 19, 2014

Sire: Feike 395

Approved by: FHANA, KFPS

Awards: 2nd Pre

Wilbert van Dompstede

Born: 2008

Sire: Doaitsen

Approved by: KFPS

Awards: Ster Stallion selected for 3rd round Stallion Approval in Holland