Friesian Mare Stam Lines
Contact Info:
Lindsey Brownlee
Lenoir City, TN

Our future plan is to began research on the Friesian mare lines. We feel there is plenty of information on the Approved Stallions and not enough on the Mares.  In order to increase our breeding standards, we feel it is equally important for breeders to have information on their mares and what they produce. So that everyone can have access to this information, it will be posted on this page of our site.

If anyone has breeding information on a certain stam line and would like it posted please email it to me at

Also if you have 1st premie Ster, Model, Kroon, or Preferent Mares I would love to include them on this page. Your photographer, owner, and breeder would of course be noted.


Updates for this page soon to come!

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